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Si comunica che il C.L.A., a decorrere dal mese di FEBBRAIO 2009, organizzerà per gli
studenti, per il personale docente, contrattisti, specializzandi, borsisti ecc., per il personale non docente di tutto l'Ateneo e per soggetti esterni all’Università, un corso Tandem a distanza Italiano/ Inglese con l’Università di Manchester della durata di 10 settimane, per il quale il livello minimo di conoscenza della lingua richiesto è A2/B1 secondo il Quadro Europeo, livello che verrà accertato mediante un test per il quale verrà comunicata successivamente la data (attraverso questo sito), previa iscrizione obbligatoria.
Le iscrizioni dovranno pervenire online a decorrere dal 01/12/08 fino al  06/01/09.
Per accedere al suddetto corso i posti a disposizione saranno 8/ 10, qualora pervenissero più domande, a parità di livello, si provvederà ad attivare successivamente un secondo corso. La precedenza sarà determinata dalla data dell’iscrizione.
L’apprendimento, assistito da un tutor,  sarà certificato da due Attestati di Partecipazione rilasciati a coloro che avranno partecipato ad un numero non inferiore all’80% delle ore previste da entrambi i Centri Linguistici, Cagliari-Manchester, al termine del corso che si concluderà con un Test finale.
Il corso della durata complessiva di 20 ore con un incontro settimanale, inizierà orientativamente in data 16/02/2009 e terminerà nel mese di Maggio.

Costi di partecipazione al corso Tandem (da gennaio 2009):

Utenti interni
-    Studenti Ateneo: 25€
-    Personale Unica: 25€

Utenti esterni: 35€

Le modalità di pagamento verranno comunicate tramite avviso e-mail a coloro che risulteranno inseriti nel corso dopo che verrà effettuato il test per l'accesso al corso.

N.B Il pagamento deve essere effettuato solo dopo la comunicazione con e-mail dalla segreteria del C.L.A. che verrà inviata a coloro che risultaranno idonei.  


"Resoconto degli studenti partecipanti al Pogetto Tandem Cagliari/ Manchester 2009".

I personally think that the V-Pal Language Project is very valid and useful.
First of all, it is a new way to improve a new language and, in the same time, to teach your own language. I think that the teaching part is fundamental, because it allows you to consider your own language in a new way, comparing it deeply with the foreign one. You can also rethink about your own language and ask yourself which should be the best way to teach it.
Secondly I think it is also interesting the cultural exchange that the V-Pal Language Project pursues: it allowed me to know more about the British culture and about the life of a student in Manchester.
Another point that makes the Project valuable, is the use of Skype. This programme gives students the possibility to talk and have a discussion as a live one. Moreover, if you do not know a word or if you want to show a particular spelling, you can also write down a text and explain what you are saying. The gesture and the face expressions help a lot as well.
In conclusion I would say that I will definitely recommend this project in the future.


The V-Pal Language Project represents the best opportunity for someone to meet and communicate with people who live in another country and speak different languages. It is useful for those who don’t have the possibility to improve their language by travelling or staying in a foreign country for a long time.
With the V-Pal project I have also had the possibility of comparing my way of life with someone else who has different habits. I’m studying at University and speaking with my friend Hannah, who is also studying at University, enabled me to learn about the different organization between our Universities in Italy and the English ones.
This project is also a good way to improve English grammar because during the conversations we corrected each other’s mistakes. The same happened for the compositions we wrote after each discussion. In fact, we had the possibility of sending them by e-mail in order to correct them and also to add suggestions about grammar. At the end of the course, I realized that I can speak more fluently and I also increased my vocabulary.
What will happen in the future? Now we’ve got to know each other, Hannah and I think we’ll stay in contact by e-mail and sometimes we will have conversations using Skype.


Personally, I’ m really happy and satisfied to have taken part in this useful project.
Firstly, because it has given me the chance to practise speaking, that is, in my opinion, one of the most important skills that I can usually practice very little in a regular language course. What is more, I could keep in touch with an English student who studies languages: in my view, this is a fundamental aspect because having the same interest in languages and the same aim to learn allows us to understand better both our needs and help each-other in a fruitful way. It was not only a language exchange to improve fluency and to broaden our vocabulary, but a way to find out some features of our cultures straight from a native speaker.
To sum up, I consider this project a very positive experience that I recommend to anyone who is learning a language.


I took part in V-Pal Language Project between the Univesity of Cagliari and the University of Manchester.
I chose it because I have studied English at the University and one of my aims was to increase my ability in using the language through the dialogue with an English native speaker.
I found this experience both useful and enjoyable, because it allowed me to learn a foreign language through the exchange of opinions about some topics.
V-Pal has helped me with confidence in speaking and understanding spoken English.
Alice, my English partner, has helped me to improve certain aspects of grammar and to increase my vocabulary. Besides, I gained more information about the English culture, because we talked about English folklore, Traditions and ways of life.
The project was well organized, and we could rely on the helpfulness of the tutors for every difficulty.
I recommend it to other students because I think it’s a valid way to learn a foreing language. It gives the opportunity to study another language and to know people of different cultures. We met our partners when we visited Manchester, and it was an amazing experience!!


I decided to take part in this project because I wanted to improve my knowledge of English by talking to a native speaker. I was also curious about this project because I had never heard about it.
I can give a highly positive valuation to this project from a lot of points of view.
Regarding my linguistic abilities I can say the following. First of all the V-Pal Language Project has helped me with confidence in speaking. I got on well with my partner since the beginning of the project so I felt confident to speak. Besides V-Pal has helped me with understanding of spoken English: I think I can understand more than before. Now I am used to listening to English and I have fewer difficulties to understand it, even if I need to continue learning and listening.
 Moreover thanks to V-Pal I improved certain aspects of grammar: I use several tenses easily and phrasal verbs now.
I also learnt idioms such as “get about” or “get to” or “rearrange deckchairs on the Titanic” and the different use of verbs “meet” and “know”. Then I improved my vocabulary, learning a lot of new words.
Apart from linguistic abilities and therefore from technical and professional aspects, the V-Pal Project gave me the opportunity to enrich culturally. As a matter of fact I had the chance to meet an English student, to talk about a lot of tasks and know cultural aspects of Britain and other countries.
I had a cultural axchange with my patner and commented on differences between our countries; about our interests and daily routines, cinema and television, food culture, public transport, homes, education systems, traditions and folklore.
The V-Pal Project gave me the possibility to enrich personally too. In fact my partner is really a nice guy and I got on well with him. I found a friend, we still keep in touch even though our project has finished. Because of this interesting project my class and I decided to visit our English partners to Manchester. We had a nice time all together as I’ ve already written in my composition. Thanks to V-Pal we had the chance to meet nice people, to find new friends and see new places.
In conclusion I can say that V-Pal is an interesting and enjoyable project that allows students not only to improve their English but above all gives them personal and cultural enrichments which play a fundamental role in education.

Per saperne di più sul progetto TANDEM (che stiamo portando avanti anche per la lingua spagnola), collegati qui o invia una mail alla Dott.ssa Silvia Porceddu.

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